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The Vans DQM General - New York


While skateboarding originated out west, it grow up in the boroughs of New York City, where skate-rats had to take hold of the cramped urban landscape of the Big Apple to make it their own. The Vans DQM General retail space, set to open in New York City in September, symbolizes the coming together of the two most influential regions in skate history. California based Vans has long been the premier sktate-shoe brand, and DQM has made a name for themselves pushing premium street wear and skateboarding goods in the heart of Manhattan. The Vans DQM General store will be a collaborative shop between these two heavyweights featuring exclusives from sneakers to streetwear. This is the first time Vans has had a stand-alone retail space in Manhattan and anyone familiar with DQM's pedigree should know that this is something to look forward to. Stay tuned with Freshness for more info on the debut of this exciting shop.

Vans DQM General
93 Grand Street
SoHo, New York City