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A Bathing Ape x Beastie Boys – Action Figures | Charity Sale

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The vinyl protagonists in Beastie Boys‘ most recent music video Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win certainly resurrected many interests, especially among collectors of vinyl action figures. A 2 year endeavor that involved NIGO‘s holding company, NOWHERE Ltd. and A Bathing Ape, the action figures of Mike D., MCA, and Ad-Rock were to marked their 1998 single, Intergalactic. With only 1000 sets made and for sale through retail outlets in Japan, the action figures quickly became an urban legend of some sort. That was till the music video with Santigold confirmed their existent. Now, the hip-hop trio will sell off their very own stash to benefit 2 charity organizations. In mint condition, each figure stands at 11.5-inch in height and packaged in a 16 x 12″ metal container. Dressed in shirts, pants, and shoes, the set also includes:

– 3 Doll Stands

– 3 White Jump Suits

– 3 Safety Goggles

– 3 pairs of Work Boots

– 3 Safety Vests

– 3 Belts

– 3 Japanese Decal Stickers

– 3 Extra Hand Attachments

If the interchangeable outfits look familiar, that is because they were the trio’s costumes in the music video for Intergalactic. In addition, they will throw in a 2-disc version of Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science as bonus. 97% of proceeds (the rest 3% goes to operating cost) from sales will go to Pablove Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, both charitable organizations for the fight against childhood cancer. Truly a great deal for an ever greater cause.