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Ace Hotel x Fjällräven Kånken Backpack | Available Now

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Designated after a little weatherproof fox living in the Arctic Circle, Fjällräven brand of accessories have been making an in-road in midst of warmer climate since its opened a stand alone boutique at the heart of Lolita, New York City. Following the collaborative retail effort from trendsetting shop Opening Ceremony and Ace Hotel New York, its iconic Kånken backpack is available once again, this time as an online purchase as well. Long been a favorite at Ace Hotel's New York and Portland locations, the cubic store-it-all-lived up to the Fjällräven name with its water-resistant vinylon fiber construct. Because of its popularity among hotel guests and Fjällräven customers, supplies are bound to limited. Available now at Ace Hotel New York, Ace Hotel Portland, and the hotel's online store.

Ace Hotel New York 1192 Broadway | Map (corner of West 29th Street) New York, NY 10001 TEL #: 212-679-2222

Ace Hotel Portland 1022 SW Stark Street | Map Portland, Oregon 97205 TEL #: 503-228-2277

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