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DC x Ken Block - Gymkhana FOUR: Hollywood Megamercial | Video

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DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block is well known for making a grand entrance though there's never been something this epic before. In part to the introduction of his newest Gymkhana FOUR, a heavily modified Ford Fiesta aptly called Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V.), Ken Block and DC launched The Hollywood Megamercial video this afternoon. With Universal Studios as the backdrop, appropriately, Block enlisted help from director Ben Conrad and his production unit LOGAN, both best known for works on cult-classic Zombieland and others, to iron out all the kinks. The premise is quite simple, to have an ultimate mashup of iconic Hollywood films that came before - debris field from War of the World, Jaw's mechanical shark, Norman Bates' newest slay from Psycho, even a reference of Slumdog Millionaire. Accompanied with enough GoPro cameras recreate Matrix's "bullet time" sequence and adrenaline infusion provided by Epic Meal Time, there is really no words to describe this video except for one - craziness.