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John Loughlin - TiGr Titanium Bike Lock

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Necessity spawn ingenuity, such as the TiGr Titanium Bike Lock by New Jersey native John Loughlin. While modern bike are perfect illustrations of technical advancements and material sciences, bike locks are just the opposite. Primarily based on designs concoct decades ago, bike locks are cumbersome if not eye sores opposite to a bike's sleek silhouette. A testament to the need of something different? Loughlin's submission to KICKSTARTER received $108,065 in sponsorship, or about 288% over his asked amount of $37,000.

An avid cyclist, Loughlin devised the TiGr Bike Lock as a solution. Simply comprised of a thin titanium stripe and lock cylinder, Loughlin's creation is flexible enough wrap around an object up to 5 1/2" in diameter. Thus, secure your 2-wheel steed around any average traffic sign poles, street lamp posts, and others. Coated with a protective paint, the TiGr is light enough (and slim) to be store anywhere. But just how strong is this thin stripe of metal? Like any locks, the TiGr is just a deterrent to any potential theft, though the high strength-to-weight ratio (the highest among any metals) will certainly increase a bike thief's frustration. Still not a believer? Check out the extensive video of torture tests TiGr was put through after the jump.