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Nike Festival of Sport - 5 Minutes with LeBron James

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The anticipation and pressure leveled off just a bit when the 1st day of Nike Festival of Sports concluded a few hours ago. In the midst of preparation and managed chaos expected from an event this magnitude (think of a venue that rivals X-Games in scale with double number of spectators), Co-founder of Freshness, Dan Hwang, found the opportunity to chat with LeBron James, albeit very briefly...

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Leading up to Festival of Sports in Shanghai, you unveiled a signature collection with Nike Sportswear. Can you tell us a little about it?


You're very welcome! First of all, Nike Sportswear's been always great. It is able to keep the sports aspect in the designs but also hit lifestyle and trends. A perfect combo for someone like me who's on the field and off the field all the time. To be able to finally work with them (Nike Sportswear) was just wonderful. Here are just some of the samplings, like that crew neck t-shirt (pointing at someone in the room). We also did a polo shirt and hat. A small collection but driven by inspirations I took from the court and off.

Creativity wise, are you a very "hands-on" person? Now with multiple shoe designs, a clothing collection, and likely a luxury timepiece in your name, what other genres are you planning to conquer next?


For me personally, is really about the continuation to thrive my creative process. The things I do at Nike, with the great minds they have there, is quite interesting. They all know me so well that I just kinda give my inputs and let them work their magic. And its the same way with everything that I am a part of. The key thing I learned so far is to have right people, who are really good at what they do, in the design process. Then anything is possible.

Finally, compared to the last time you traveled to China, have you seen any changes, particularly in the sport of basketball?


Absolutely! The game continues to evolve here. Very rapidly too as it gains more exposure. From the time I visited in 2005 up to 2008 when I was here for the Beijing Olympics and now here in Shanghai, there is definitely more interest, especially the younger generation. So, its great to see that progression, in such a short time as well.