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Apple Website Updated - Corporate Info Lists CEO Tim Cook

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Apple's website now includes a page that introduces the visitor to Tim Cook, the company's newly installed CEO. The biographical information includes Cook's former position as an executive at Compaq and his twelve years at IBM. At Apple, Cook was the chief operating officer and filled in for Steve Jobs during his three medical leaves of absence. He had long been considered the front runner to replace Jobs as chief executive. Analysts believe he is the best choice to run Apple, not only because he is a master of the company's incredibly efficient supply chain but because he knows the products so well. Meanwhile, Cook issued a letter to employees stating "I want you to be confident that Apple is not going to change." It's a message customers want to hear as well. Follow the click to see a screengrab of Steve Jobs's new page listing him as chairman of the board, a position that hadn't existed at Apple until now.