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DC Comics: The New 52 - DC Universe Gets A Massive Reboot And Overhaul

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In the Old Testament, God sent forth a great flood to wash away what He created in order to start anew. The storied comic book publishing house DC Comics will put in motion an undertaking similar in scope as well. Starting today, the clocks at DC Comics will be dial back to 76 years ago when the company was founded. Along this time warp voyage, its fantastical DC Universe and all the myriad of super heroes, peerless villains, and infinite story lines will get a "reboot". Essentially, most of DC Comics beloved titles will begin as Issue #1, effectively starting today.

Such drastic measure have took place before. In 1992, DC Comics "killed off" Superman in The Death of Superman, only to see the Man of Steel's resurrection as four different entities later on. However, the magnitude of this current endeavor, also know as "The New 52", is simply breathtaking. Spearheaded by industry veterans, Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, 52 comic book titles from DC Universe, including the venerable Action Comics, where Superman made his debut, and Detective Comics, point of origin for Batman, will receive new plots, artworks, and issue numbers. Fans can expect captivating graphics plus a certain realism within each. Though, that is just the tip of the iceberg. #1 Issue from all new 52 DC Comics titles are now available at comic book stores nationwide.


DC Comics - Action Comics Issue #1


DC Comics - Detective Comics Issue #1


DC Comics - Batman: The Dark Knight Issue #1


DC Comics - Justice League Issue #1


DC Comics - Green Lantern Issue #1


DC Comics - Red Lanterns Issue #1


DC Comics - Aquaman Issue #1


DC Comics - The Flash Issue #1


DC Comics - Captain Atom Issue #1


DC Comics - The Savage Hawkman Issue #1


DC Comics - Teen Titans Issue #1


DC Comics - Men of War Issue #1


DC Comics - Legion Lost Issue #1


DC Comics - Legion of Super Heroes Issue #1