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Oakley Holbrook - September 2011 Releases

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The month of September is a time of transitions, though changes aren't limited to the weather only.  With limited availability, Oakley is introducing 6 new collaborative editions to it Holbrook line. The first 4 designs are for the "Conquer of Snow and Vert", Shaun White himself, with his own signature models.  These 4 colorful additions will join another popular entry, the limited FMJ Gold with 24K Iridium Polarized lens.  The other 2 new entries are for Nicky Hayden of Team Ducati in MotoGP, the most exciting motorcycle racing circuit in the world.  Laser inscribed with Hayden's signature, the Ruby Iridium lens protects "The Kentucky Kid" from glares during the race and camera flashes off the raceway.  All 4 are now available at all Oakley flagship stores around the globe and its online shop.


Oakley Holbrook - Shaun White Signature - Polished Black/24K Iridium


Oakley Holbrook - Shaun White Signature - Red/Ruby Iridium


Oakley Holbrook - Shaun White Signature - White/Purple Iridium


Oakley Holbrook - Shaun White Signature - Clear/Smoke Iridium


Oakley Holbrook - MotoGP Edition - Polished Black/Emerald Iridium


Oakley Holbrook - Ducati Nicky Hayden - Matte Black/Ruby Iridium