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Scott Campbell - Prison Tattoo | Video By Casey Neistat

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It isn't easy being the ultimate artistic expression. Perhaps this is the reason tattoo being associated with the seedy side of life since centuries ago. But with wider acceptance by society, so too is the discovery of tattoo's ingenuity, such as the lowly tattoo gun. In this brief documentary shot by Casey Neistat, the New York-base film maker went on a brief journey with tattooist Scott Campbell in looking for the raw meaning of tattoo as an art form. And in the process, Campbell also show the simplicity behind a D.I.Y. tattoo gun - a ballpoint pen, 9 volt battery, threads, paper clip, and trashed micro-motor. With Tompkins Square Park as back drop, photographer Todd Selby and subject Colin Devin Moore in tow, Campbell went about creating art out of flesh and blood mediums. via: SlamXHype