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MR PORTER - The Mr Porter Post | Free Paper

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It is a bit inexplicable but there is something about printed matter and its tactile factor. Perhaps its the memory of the physical form, deeply embedded into one's subconscious after centuries of usage by our ancestors. Or maybe its just the paper texture, the glossy ink, or other minute accents that heighten our sensory. Whatever it is, the need of printed matter isn't disappearing completely any time soon. Hence the decision by online retailer MR PORTER to create its first free paper. Titled "The Mr Porter Post", the paper is a condensed version of its online weekly periodical, The Journal, on paper. It highlights more than just fashion, but the knows-and-hows of any fashionable men (and the ladies who love them). While it is free, you're certainly not going to find it at your nearby news stands due its limited circulation to MR PORTER shoppers and register users. via: Stylist