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Apple iPhone 5 Announcement & Availability In October | Rumor

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The myriad of recent incidents involving the Apple iPhone 5 is similar to that of a death by a thousand cuts. First, another careless Apple employee "lost" the purported prototype at a San Francisco bar. There was the leak from the most unlikely of sources, Sony CEO Howard Stringer, who matter-of-factually told reporters about the new phone 8-megapixel camera supplied by Sony. France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard followed suit and spilled out the exact date of the launch - October 15th. Adding insult to injuries, peripheral maker Case-Mate accidentally published images of its upcoming iPhone 5 cases. Though the images are gone from its website, its quite certain we will see a brand new form factor with a larger display. But with more powerful competitors operating on true 4th generation cellular system, like the new Motorola DROID BIONIC. Will Apple iPhone 5 reign supreme in the smartphone world still? via: BGR