Dunhill - Carbon Fiber Snowboard


There is an unwritten rule that a man-about-town should always be ready for any kinds of recreational activities. With that mandate in mind, let us introduce the Carbon Fiber Snowboard from luxury label Dunhill. Similar to all premium snowboards, this one was handmade  to perfection, though by the same group of Swiss artisans behind some of the fastest snowboards on the professional circuit. Poplar wood core, laminated first with fiberglass and then strengthened with carbon fiber inlays, the 158 cm long board strikes the right balance between weight, speed, responsiveness, and feel. Thus making it a versatile design for all type of ride styles. Imprinted with "Alfred Dunhill" logo on the top and a large replica of British explorer Ernest Shackleton's 1920s map on the business side, the limited Dunhill Carbon Fiber Snowboard also comes with a padded nylon bag for storage. Available now online or in-store via special orders for $2,600 US.

Dunhill New York
545 Madison Avenue | Map
New York, NY 10022
TEL #: 800-776-4053