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Nike MAG 2011 - The Story Behind the McFly Jacket | Video

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True to his name, Tinker Hatfield approaches each of his design challenges with pure enthusiasm. But more importantly, Hatfield's thoroughness in providing each project with more than just the solution itself meant his designs to be the most comprehensive. Aside from the original Nike MAG for the film Back To The Future II, Hatfield created the "McFly Jacket" for Marty McFly, the protagonist of the sci-fi adventure franchise. Purportedly made of "smart fabrics" decades well into the future, the jacket changes shape and size according to the wearer's physique. The jacket also comes with the ability to dry itself when wet. Though all nice exercise of future possibilities, Hatfield again hinted at probability of designs, this and others like it, come to fruition in the near future. To learn more, go to As a reminder, the charity auction is to end this Sunday. To bid on your very own pair of 2011 Nike MAG, go to

Charity Auction End Date: September 18th, 2011 (Sunday)