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Original Penguin Jacket | Video


Original Penguin's latest marketing campaign revolves around the Original Penguin Jacket, commissioned in 1956 by company founder Abbot Pederson to celebrate his brand's one-year anniversary. The one-of-a-kind garment was worn by Pederson and handed down to friends and friends of friends, eventually showing up -- as legend has it -- on the shoulders of the famous, the daring, and the extreme, making its way to global galas as well as seedy two-star motels. It saw it all, until 1971, when it was lost, seemingly for good. But then in July 2011 the jacket miraculously showed up on eBay, a "diamond among the peanuts." Original Penguin employees snatched it up, and now it's up to them to make sure the jacket makes up for lost time. Check out the video retelling of the saga of the Original Penguin Jacket after the jump.