How To Make It In America Music Video: Luis Guzman By Duck Sauce


Now that the Sunday night bro-fest known as Entourage has ended its ignominious run (we felt like the show went off the rails sometime at the start of its penultimate season), we can look forward to the denim-and-dreams saga How to Make It in America taking its place, never mind that it's been so long since season 1 concluded that we don't remember any of the characters. A good way to refresh your memory is to check out HBO's promotional video "Luis Guzman," a reinterpretation of the Duck Sauce tune "Barbra Streisand." Be warned, though, the clip is rife with celebrities too numerous to mention, and many of them won't be appearing on the show so there's the chance it'll just confuse you even more. So just watch it because Luis Guzman portraying an aspiring energy drink magnate is one of the best things about the show, plus who doesn't want to see Gina Gershon play the mouth harp? Season 2 of How to Make It in America premiers on HBO Sunday, Oct. 2nd. Click through to see "Luis Guzman," an epic video that captures the spirit of New York's Lower East Side, if not the postmodern, postmillenial zeitgeist.