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NIKEiD Air 180 - Fall 2011 Design Options

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Though not as popular as its cousins, the Air Maxes 87 and 90, the Nike Air 180 still has its share of fans, and they'll likely be thrilled to see that it's returned to NIKEiD. There are a good number of options, starting with the base materials: original mesh (which looks to be the shiny textile found on the Ultramarines), ripstop, smooth synthetic and perforated synthetic. The same options, with the exception of perforated synthetic, are available for the overlay, and the inclusion of a speckled midsole feature should prove to be a big hit. The color palette is decent, but don't expect to recreate the Opiums, Nom de Guerres or Dizzee Rascals. So what are you waiting for, Air 180 fans? Head over to NIKEiD now and start designing.