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Apple iPhone 5 Announcement October 4th, 2011 | Confirmed

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In the hyper competitive industry of gadgets and gizmos, its hard not to rain on other people's parade. Just a day before set on announcing its next tablet/e-book reader, the Kindle Fire, Apple found a way to upstage the online retailer with a simple invitation saying "Let's talk iPhone." The event will take place at Apple's campus in Cupertino, California, on Tuesday, October 4th. Most speculations and rumors have pointed to a new iPhone 5 with new form factor, camera, and a more powerful processor(s). Another is the possibility of the purported iPhone 4GS, a cheaper, smaller version of the iPhone 5. The event will be a milestone of another sort, as the first major product announcement without Steve Jobs, who abruptly resigned from his position as Apple's CEO back in August. Instead, Tim Cook will take his place. Wondering if he will don on the same outfit of black turtleneck, faded denim, and New Balance sneakers that Jobs made famous? Just have to tune in on October 4th to find out.