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REGGIEKNOW x UNION Los Angeles - "Mousetrap" Lookbook | Video

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Creative extraordinaire REGGIEKNOW will introduce his brand of rehash creation once again in the short film "Mousetrap". Together with Chris Gibbs of UNION Los Angeles, "Mousetrap" is a pairing of unlikely and unrelated eras, themes, and genres. Part video lookbook mixed with a 2011 love story plot line in a 1986 style, the film furthers the layers of intrigues with its semi-Blaxploitation visual cues. One other titillating aspect, the Carte Blanche agency produced film was done with Cantonese voice-over and English subtitles.

This being a lookbook video, the sequence is dotted with visual cues of Junya Watanabe COMME des GARCONS MAN, visvim, FILA, OriginalFake, CLOT, White Mountaineering, and other labels offered by UNION Los Angeles. A cornucopia of concepts, it might take viewer a moment to adjust at first though its a visual feast never the less.

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"Mousetrap" is a Carte Blanche agency produced film headed by Kwesi Thomas and directed by Reggieknow. Reggieknow describes the plot as a cheesy 2011 love story told in a 1986 fashion. The films begins when Chris and Reggieknow unexpectedly meet the leader of the "Mousetrap Club" The lead "mousetrapketeer" has a business of her own with no interest in Chris at first. She distracts Chris from his loyal worker Reggieknow who wants to expand the Union L.A. business by adding Fashion Figure Inc. to their lists of operations, an idea that parallels their real life collaboration. Chris invites the "mousetrapketeers" over to his "trap house" (a street term for where one runs illegal business) where the courtship continues with the company of more "mousetrapketeers".

Fashion Figure Inc. is an art project and brand of 12 inch figures styled by Reggieknow. FFINC is actually being discussed between Chris and Reggieknow in the beginning of the film if you follow closely. The figures are intricately styled then photographed for their own editorial on the Fashion Figure Inc. website, A Fashion Figure "Moustrap" editorial is in progress.

Some consistent themes through all of Reggieknow's projects are hip-hop, Asian pop culture, style and homage. For instance the opening music for "Mousetrap" is the same opening music for John Woo's cult film "The Killer" a favorite of Reggieknow's. The Cantonese voiceovers in the first part of the film are also homage to "The Killer" as well as Sally Yeh's famous Cantopop song.

References to "The Killer" double as homage to the Wu-Tang Clan members Raekwon and Ghostface Killah who reference the film heavily on Raekwon's album "Only Built for Cuban Linx... ". Homage is paid to Ghostface in the second part of the film as Chris' guests arrive at apartment "260", a popular Ghostface song being played in the background. Another Ghostface song, "Stroke of Death", is also played at the end of the short.

With Fila being the dominant brand in the film, a Union exclusive seems imminent. Mature urban fashion buffs may recognize the swap meet "Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo" black Mickey and Minnie Mouse T-shirts of the 80's. The film also includes some one-of-a-kind footwear, a hybrid Clark Wallabee with the Fila horn, named "Wilabeez" by Reggieknow. The t-shirts and shoes will be available exclusively at Union L.A.

Fashion and trend are not the focus in the film, but style and detail is. Shoelaces are intentionally left unlaced and much of the Fila apparel is Fila BJ. There is an obvious theme of hip-hop and mice not just in the story but also in the wardrobe styled by Reggieknow. There is the urban Mickey and Minnie in the t-shirts, the "Mouse-in-the-house" Minnie Mouse door-knocker earrings by Melody Ehsani and Reggieknow and authentic Mickey Mouse Ears the ladies wear throughout the film.

Reggieknow does not forget to show homage to himself. You get a glimpse of the Dem Dare dump truck logo posted casually in the background on a refrigerator. Dem Dare was a Polo-collecting lifestyle collective Reggieknow started in Chicago in the 90's with close friends.