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Danfung Dennis - Condition ONE: Total Immersive War Journalism

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Maybe its his love of unpredictability. After degrees in Applied Economics and Business Management from the prestigious Cornell University, photographer Danfung Dennis took on a surprising and potentially deadly career path, as a war correspondent. It was during this pursue to conveying war's true nature to a wider audience, Dennis developed 2 approaches. One was Hell and Back Again, a documentary on the Afghanistan War which won him 2 prizes at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The other was Condition ONE, an immersive media still in its Beta phase. By combining all elements of war journalism such as videography, photojournalism, and even the increasingly popular mobile platforms, Condition ONE creates a near-complete immersive experience that puts the audience right in the middle of a battle field. Viewers can pan in either direction within a scene and take in the different facets of it.

To fully demonstrate the ultra realism of this new technology, Condition ONE produced My Freedom or Death by photojournalist Patrick Chauvel. Shot back in March near Ras Lanouf, Libya, Chauvel documented the skirmishes and chaos that took place at the height of the Libyan conflict with a simple Canon DSLR camera. But the resulted clip was something more than an usual war documentary. Instead, it was more like a live action Google Map Street View with bullets whizzing by...