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Nik Nowak - "Panzer" Sound Tank | "4,000 Watts Of Pure Hi-Fi Assault"

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It was his dabble with electronic music which led Nik Nowak to his very first auditory installation. More recently, the Berlin-base artist embarked on something even more ambitious than just the usual gallery pieces. A mobile audio platform that he appropriately dubbed "Panzer" or "Tank". It stated first from Internet bidding of an used Japanese miniature tracked dumper, then led to the installment of all the necessary audio contraptions, Nik Nowak's sound tank housed a total of four tweeters, six 12-inch drivers, and three 18-inch subwoofers, with the ability to pump out 4,000 watts of pure sound. Faceted and angled for an even coverage, the custom speaker compartment can be raise hydraulically with a flick of the switch. The tank also offers power outlets as well as stations for drum machine, mixer, and synthesizer. Not only is it a show stopper, Nik Nowak's sound tank will definitely have folks thinking twice when they want you to turn the volume down next time. via: DesignSpotter