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CLOT x Disney Man Is In The Forest Taipei | Event Recap

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CLOT x Disney  Man Is In The Forest  Taipei | Event Recap

Somewhere in there, among the drove of reporters from every conceivable media and formats, is Edison Chen. Can you find him?

Finally, the CLOT x Disney retail concept known as Man Is In The Forest opened its door in Taipei City in the midst of fans and supporters over the weekend.  Situated in the trendy Xinyi District and near the once tallest building in the world, Taipei 101, the new store front featured a sparse layout designed by Makoto Azuma. Best known for his landscape creations, especially those done with fellow designer Kazuki Kuraishi, Azuma cultivated the store’s unique interior, quite literally. With special sponge-like planting blocks developed by Japan’s Suntory Midorie, Azuma nurtured more than 10 species of horticultural flora into a shape most identifiable with Disney – Mickey Mouse’s ears.

Derived from a pivotal juncture in Disney“s animated classic Bambi, Man Is In The Forest is a distinctive take by CLOT”s Edison Chen, Kevin Poon, along with Disney’s Ben Yue, on the intuitive relationship we all have with Disney animations. A fact especially discernible within the many other creative types involved in this project, including X-Large, MEDICOM TOY, SSUR, PAM, Bounty Hunter, Vanquish, 84/74 Lab, and more… Besides as a temporary storefront that will be offering limited edition items from the said group of designers.  The grand opening, with Edison Chen as host, marked the mid-point of Traveling Mickey Charity Auction, where fans can bid on one-of-the-kind Mickey Mouse vinyl set.  Half of the auction’s proceeds, along with certain merchandise sales from the store, will benefit local youth programs aimed creative development.

CLOT x Disney – Man Is In The Forest – Taipei

4F-10, No.12, Songshou Road | Map

Xinyi District, Taipei City Taiwan