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Rapha x Oakley Jawbone - Rapha FOCUS Edition | Auction

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To drum up support for Rapha FOCUS, Rapha's professional cycling team, the label partnered with Oakley in the design of an exclusive Jawbone eyewear edition. Started with an off-white base Jawbone frame, Oakley then added Rapha FOCUS team colorways on the lower frame rim. Accentuated with black finishes, the collaborative edition comes with matching microfiber sleeve and 3 lens options - clear, Atomic Orange/Fire Iridium, and light grey laser etched with Rapha's insignia. 10 sets will be available for auction starting next Monday, October 10th, to benefit efforts of riders Christopher Jones, Jeremy Powers, Julie Krasniak, and Zachary McDonald, members of the Rapha FOCUS cylocross team in North America. See details on the benefit auction after the click... via: ProllyIsNotProbably

-The auction page will go live on on Monday, October 10, ending Friday, October 14. (bidding starting each day at 12:01am PDT (GMT-8), closing at 11:59pm PDT)
-The minimum bid will begin at $250.
-Email offers to: This is a private-bid email auction with the two highest offers winning the two pair each day.
-The winning offers from each day's auction will be announced via Twitter. (@rapharacing and @rapha_n_america)