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Things have gotten from bad to just confusing over at NETFLIX, the pioneering (and once popular) movie rental-by-mail service. In an effort to halt the hemorrhaging of customers, over a million thus far, after it announced a drastic price increase, NETFLIX's CEO and Founder Reed Hastings offered a concession just last month. The company will split into two separate entities to serve its customers better with NETFLIX to become a streaming media provider while a spin-off by the name of Qwikster will be in charge of the original movie rental-by-mail portion. The intended purpose simply didn't go well with the already disaffected NETFLIX customers. So just three weeks after the initial announcement, NETFLIX backtracked from its spin-off arrangement. Now, as before, customers can access their movie selections, in either streaming media or DVD discs, through one account and one website. On the subject of price increase, however, the company will not change its new pricing scheme.