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Found: KAWS x Hennessy Confidential Envelope

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A last minute dinner plan postponement had some of us hurried into a cab some nights ago, where we stumbled upon this on our seats. When asked whether the previous passenger left it behind, the cab driver simply said with a heavy accent, "No, its for you." The mysterious envelope soon became the center of attention that evening, followed by an intense debate among the rank and file. Finally, a quick vote had an overwhelming "Yay" on the account to open the KAWS x Hennessy Confidential Envelope (isn't democracy grand?!?!). Apparently, the envelope stashed photos of the KAWS x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Bottle in details as well as preliminary sketches of KAW's design, all marked as limited editions. The best part though, was information about the select storefronts with the Hennessy x KAWS art bottle in stock. A fine print marking stated similar envelopes were "left behind" in taxi cabs across New York City, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco. So if you do come upon one, give us a shout!

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