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IPEVO - Chopstakes - Pair of Multitouch Styli for Apple iPad

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Operating under the premise that two must be better than one, IPEVO presents their Chopstakes -- a pair of styli that resemble, as the name suggests, the type  of silverware found in a sushi restaurant. Except you'll be using these for drawing apps or multi-touch game play on your iPad and not to dunk your spicy tuna in soy sauce and wasabi. Each stylus is made with forged aluminum, tapered and weighted for optimal feel, with a soft rubber tip that allows for superior accuracy and precision. They come in two different lengths, 6.9 inches and 9.3, and retail for $44.95 and $34.95. They're available now through the IPEVO site. Click through to see video of the Chopstakes in action.