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UNDERCOVER - New Website Launch

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It is safe to say that UNDERCOVER is one of the most prominent Japanese brands who have survived countless years without an official website, even surpassing COMME des GARçONS. Although designer Jun Takahashi is a familiar name on the blog and ZOZOTOWN launched their ZOZOVILLA with UNDERCOVER on its initial roster, their online presence as a brand has been absent to this day. Takahashi even dabbled on Twitter personally before noticing its incompatible with his lifestyle, resulting in the termination of his account. Although currently he prefers the Facebook platform and Takahashi can be found on the leading social networking site. Perhaps the team has saved the best for last, as their official website will launch on October 22nd at 22:22 Japan time. Coinciding with the launch of the site is an exclusive preview of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 Women's collection. Register at right now to secure a password to see the collection.