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CLOT x SIZE Lifestyle - "Nuclear Makes Noclear" Charity Project

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The event occurred on March 11th appears to be in the distant past, but effects from the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck northern Japan earlier this year linger on still. While the clean-up and recoveries have proceed accordingly, a full recovery is all but certain due the radiation fall out from the stricken Fukusama nuclear power plant. In light of the thousands who are still displaced and with virtually no support network, China's SIZE Lifestyle publication decided to launch its "Nuclear Makes Noclear" Charity Project. With Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen (CLOT) as the its spokesperson, the project asked Chen, along with designers Kazuki Kuraishi and Robert Abeyta Jr. (of DualForces) to contribute a particular t-shirt design that personally signified the disaster to them. An overwhelming sadness had Chen create a simple though emotional plea on his "face of Earth" design. Kazuki, who actually lived through the quake, reversed his tee inside out and added "NOCLEAR" with the addition of letters "U" and "O". Finally, Abeyta Jr.dialed back time with his "No ZeroTime", a symbolic gesture wishing zero-hour on that day never happened.

With generous support from Hanes, all revenue generated by the t-shirts' sales will go to charity and relief organizations in Japan. To purchase one or all three tees, simply visited the SIZE Charity Project's website for more details.