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Casio G-Shock - GB-6900 With Bluetooth 4.0 | Preview

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As smart phones get smarter, so too do the quotidian gadgets we use on daily basis. The latest example, a Bluetooth 4.0-equipped Casio G-Shock watch. Fans of the G-Shock line will be pleased to note that the wireless technology has been applied to the existing 6900 model instead of a new, high-tech looking device. As for features, the watch will be able to automatically sync the time with one's smart phone, which is typically auto-set by the carrier network. (This should come in handy while traveling.) Additionally, the timepiece will emit alarm or vibration signals as notification of incoming phone messages or emails, which can then be turned off with a simple tap. All this while maintaining a two-year battery life. The G-Shock GB6900 is scheduled to release in Japan around mid-December. via: G-Street