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LEGO - Life of George | Brick Building Game For iPhone

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Need a way to train your brick laying skill? Or want venue where you can finally claim the title "Fastest Builder of the West"? Life of George may just be your solution. While we are talking about "construction" here, it is another kind, a miniaturize one. You see, Life of George is a new interactive game from LEGO. Available as an app for either Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, Life of George tests your LEGO brick laying speed and accuracy through a series challenges. Simply construct the form the app gives you within the allotted time and take the finished set with your iPhone/iPod Touch. The game's algorithm will work on the accuracy of your copy and award you points. Best of all, you can match up with your fellow LEGO maniacs to see who's the top "layer". So who is George anyway? Apparently he's an unofficial LEGO mascot, a LEGO Software Engineer who works for Warehouse Tech Incorporated. And according to his bio online, George " a dedicated worker, but he also enjoys traveling the world and having adventures..." Sounds like a LEGO maniac to us. The LEGO Life of George game set is now available at LEGO store locations and its online store.