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DERMABLEND Professional - "Go Beyond The Cover" Video | Featuring Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy

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We all heard the age-old saying of "don't judge a book by its cover", that "beauty is only skin deep". But has anyone asked the question, "what is beauty?". In the latest campaign by DERMABLEND Professional, a specially formulated "coverage make-up", the brand asked a seemingly normal model to take part. Again, re-emphasizing the term "normal" and "beauty" here. That is because this mild mannered subject is about to do something astonishing - he will literally peel away his appearance to unveil his true self. And if he isn't familiar to you before, his true self will be since he's Rico Genest. Also known as Zombie Boy, Genest was plucked by designer Nicola Formichetti to be the inspiration for the newly rejuvenated House of Mugler fashion label.

While his astonishing tattoo laden body is the subject of interest to most, many still wonder who is the man behind the ink? DERMABLEND Professional sought to answer that riddle in this amazing transformation captured on video. So how do you judge a book? Simple, just go beyond the cover...