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Shepard Fairey - All Tomorrow's Parties Music Festival | Murals at Asbury Park

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All Tomorrow's Parties is a London-based organization that's been promoting festivals in the UK, the United States and Australia since 1999. Its most recent event occurred during the last weekend in September in Asbury Park, New Jersey, with British band Portishead, seemingly risen from the dead, guest-curating the festival lineup, which included acts like Swans, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Ultramagnetic MC's, Public Enemy and Jeff Magnum from the band Neutral Milk Hotel. A disparate lineup to be sure, but what they had in common was their fringe status, far removed from the mainstream, which likely suited artist Shepard Fairey just fine. He was commissioned to create the poster for the Asbury Park festival, and through the urging of art dealer Jonathan LeVine, became further involved by painting a series of music-inspired murals on walls throughout the beachfront town. Additionally, Fairey set up an exhibition -- similarly themed around music, with album cover art as the primary focus -- at a space on the boardwalk and even DJ'ed a set as part of three-day event. Click through for video of the artist discussing his involvement with All Tomorrow's Parties, as well as images of his murals and temporary gallery space.