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ICON .001 Ford Bronco

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One trend seen at the 2011 SEMA auto show is tuners shying away from the gaudy chrome that was the blingy bread and butter of the custom auto scene for decades. Thankfully, toning things down has actually inspired aftermarket designers like Icon 4X4 to get a little more creative, and dig a littler further back, to deliver very modern and compelling concepts. At this year's SEMA show - which has long been an exercise in American automotive excess - Icon has unveiled...a 1968 Bronco. What Icon has actually done is taken that classic off-road vehicle as inspiration, and from there, built a fully modern off road beast - with all off the cutting edge technology and comfort that a vehicle starting at $159,000 deserves. Icon powers the vehicle with a 412-horsepower variant on Ford's latest 5-liter V-8, paired it with disc brakes a state-of-the-art suspension system, and fully upgraded corrosion-resistant materials throughout. Plenty of aftermarket shops can product an eat-anything vehicle, but the beauty of Icon's Bronco is in the execution - to perfect the details, Icon had top-tier help: from Aston Martin (on the interior), Nike (for advanced 3-D modeling and design), Bell&Ross (for the instrument cluster), and LearJet (for the window visors). Quite a team, and quite an homage to a classic vehicle. Check out the full gallery after the jump. via: Autoblog.