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Microsoft - 2011 Productivity Future Vision

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A new video from Microsoft Office Labs, an in-house think tank, paints a portrait of the not-so-distant future in which technology enables us to become more productive. And though the central conceit of the clip is that the gadgets of the future will help us to make better use of our time, a more accurate description would be to say that technology will soon change the world as we know it. The new world is one in which we're all connected -- to each other and even to everyday household items. Eyeglasses offer real-time translations of foreign languages, paper-thin smart phone-sized devices allow the user to check into a hotel during the taxi ride, at the same time the taxi window displays a personalized itinerary. Monitors can be manipulated through hand motions a la Minority Report. Everything's interactive, handheld, tactile, mobile, and 3D, and as a window to our world in perhaps ten years, the view is pretty awe-inspiring. We have to admit, we're especially excited about the see-through refrigerator. Check out the eye-opening video after the jump.