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Yamaha VMAX Hyper Modified | Teaser Video

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Since its stunning introduction in 1985 to the most recent 2008 update, the Yamaha VMAX (also sold under the Star Motorcycles banner). Boasting a liquid-cooled V4 with the ability to churn out 175-horsepower, there just isn't much you can improve on this original street fighter. Give the two-wheel beast to three of the best motorcycle customizers, however, and that conviction starts to give way. Set to unveil on the floor of EICMA, the world's most renown motorcycle trade show, customizers Marcus Walz, Ludovic Lazareth, and Roland Sands will debut their version of the Yamaha VMAX as part of the VMAX Hyper Modified Project. So how will the trio alter the long favorite of motorcycle enthusiasts? Maybe the teaser video after click will offer some clues...