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Need For Speed: The Run - Teaser Trailer | Directed By Michael Bay

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In an effort to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of gamers, companies are pulling out all the stops ahead of the holiday season. Not willing to let Grand Theft Auto V take all the Twitter trend, people over at Need For Speed will also debut its trailer today for its upcoming addition, Need For Speed: The Run. While done in the virtual wonder of programming and computer rendering, the mastermind behind this adrenaline rush sequence of actions was the very real Michael Bay, the director for The Transformers movie franchise. Unfortunately, NFS publisher Electronic Arts put in a slight "speed bump" into the trailer's debut. To see the full length version, you must "unlock" it via the Need For Speed: The Run Facebook page by "Liking" the teaser. And it isn't just you alone, EA wants a total of 250,000 Facebook points before anyone can see it. So get busy and start mass emailing people you know now...