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Rocky Mountain Featherbed - Website Launched

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The saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover," could not be more fitting to a brand like Rocky Mountain Featherbed. You would be excused for thinking that this brand is an all American brand; that is actually far from the truth. Rocky Mountain Featherbed was established in the late 60's in Wyoming, however, the company closed its doors in the 80's. Fast forward a few decades, one Japanese man laboriously researched and recreated the garments produced by Rocky Mountain Featherbed. The rest is history and the brand is now operated by its new parent company, 35 Summers, in Japan. Since its reincarnation in 2005 until now, they had very little online presence but finally, they are launching their official website. Head over to their website to learn about the brand history, product range and get connected through their social networking sites.