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RYNO Motors - Micro-Cycle Single Wheeled Personal Transport

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In all honesty, we didn't know what to make of RYNO Motors Micro-Cycle when it first appeared. On one hand, it was the stuff of science fiction fantasy, a single wheel motorcycle powered by zero-pollutant electric motor. On the other hand however, it was just that, a stuff of sci-fi fantasy like flying cars, human-like robots, and teleportation. That was our mindset till a review by the good folks at Engadget that made us thought otherwise. A product of engineer Chris Hoffmann's endless tinkering, the RYNO Motors Micro-Cycle is just that, a small single wheel personal transport. With some control differences on its handlebar, the vehicle operates pretty much like a small scooter. To counter out the inherent imbalance, much of the powerplant is within the hub of the wheel. The massive tire along with a light weight design, at only 125-pound, help too. Meant for a top speed of 15 MPH, the Micro-Cycle still makes any mundane chore, like a milk run to the local supermarket, something fun. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect though, Hoffmann wants to offer each unit at around $4,200 only. Currently in the early phase of finalizing production, RYNO Motors is set to launch the Micro-Cycle during the early part of 2012.