Nike China: 'Run For' Trailer | Video


Nike is bringing running to China. In a nation that considers running either punishment or a fool's errand -- especially in smog-ridden city streets clogged with pedestrians, cars, bikes and even rickshaws -- Nike is taking a grassroots approach in effecting a context shift in how people view the sport. The brand teamed up with creative agency AKQA on the "Run For" campaign, in which web videos were posted on Chinese social media networks and video sharing sites showcasing runners discussing why they run, accompanied by requests for viewers to send in their own submissions. AKQA took the best of those entries and produced a video that leveraged authentic voices to sell the sport to a dubious population. Additionally, Nike hosted "Lunar Runs" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan, bringing in fitness instructors, live music and celebrities to cast running in an entirely new light. Instead of a grueling solitary activity, they demonstrated running was something people could do together after work or class, and that it could actually be fun. Check out the video after the click.