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Panasonic LUMIX GX1

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Few things have advanced high end, compact digital cameras in recent years more than the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) format. MFT cameras have bigger sensors, wider apertures, and allow amateur photographers to use interchangeable lenses - something that had been reserved for more complex DSLR cameras. Panasonic has been a leader in the sector, based on the popularity of it's GF1, GF2, and GF3 cameras - and now we have an official teaser video for their successor, the Lumix GX1. The new GX1 is based around the 16-megapixel sensor that gave the GF3 such high data quality, and new developments include an external electronic viewfinder with 1,440k dots, a super-fast .09 second contrast autofocus, and a 3-inch LCD touchscreen. The new GX1 gets a redesigned body, too, which is somewhat more utilitarian than it's predecessors (although it's available in a sleek silver version too). Check out the teaser video after the jump, which shows some of the new features, and the compatible X-Series lenses.