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BMW M3 Competition Edition - Frozen Silver

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When BMW wants to treat it's M3 right, it puts the garage rocket on ice. Following on the heels of the murdered Frozen Black M3 released over the summer, the 40th anniversary of the founding of BMW's racing-inspired M division is set to be commemorated with the Frozen Silver M3. Only 40 examples, all identically equipped, will be produced of this edition, and they will only be available in the US from M Certified BMW Centers - dealers who specialize in BMW M vehicles, and who have specially trained BMW Performance Driving School on staff, to educate customers about racing pedigree of the M vehicles. For dress, the Frozen Silver gets it's own bespoke paint color, offset by black hood intakes and dark chrome trim, plus black M3 19" wheels; the interior is a study in silver leather and alcantra, offset by a liberal smattering of M3 logos and carbon fiber trim. While elegant, it's got track-worthy chops too: the 2012 M3 is driven by BMW's much admired 4.0-liter, 414-horsepower M V8 engine, moderated by the M Double Clutch Transmission, which cuts the 0-60 time down to 4.5 seconds. It's an absolutely solid option for those who want a special M3 without spending months working with a tuning shop, or for BMW aficionados looking for a fun way to celebrate the car maker's racing bloodline. Check out the gallery after the jump; while it might not be for every track purist, it's as solid as most off-the-lot special editions get. via: Autoblog.