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Freshness Feature: Happy Holidays! Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Reversible Knit Cap

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We have kept this secret long enough by now...

With another holiday season just around the corner, we think now is the ideal time to unveil the Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Reversible Knit Cap. Inkling of this collaboration with KANGOL started late last year during that unseasonably frigid (and memorable) winter. Soon after the initial conception, ideas poured in and the designs went through a series of alterations before the final product seen here. Thanks to KANGOL's design team, all the unique features we thought of are now part of this headwear, from the subtle Fair Isle/Nordic print that seamlessly blend with Freshness' tree logo to the versatile aspect of a reversible design. And finally, the most distinctive aspect: its removable Pom-Pom. To get an insider's view on the progression from mere concept to the actual product, see our latest Freshness Feature at the link below.

Freshness Feature: Happy Holiday! Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Reversible Knit Cap