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Heineken x TSOVET - Heineken100 Watch

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Influencing, seeding, coolhunting, tastemaking - whatever you call it, it's a part of doing business these days. No matter how jaded you are about companies trying to generate buzz or market share, one thing is undeniable: when corporations bankroll creative projects, the results can be excellent. As part of the Heineken100 program, the Dutch brewer has been putting some interesting collaborations together. Freshness was recently called on to help direct the Heineken X UNION X Freshness T-Shirt project; now added to that (and the Heineken100 Blackout New Era Snapback) is the Heineken x Tsovet watch. For this project, Tsovet produced a Heineken-themed version of it's STV-PW44 wristwatch, which has all the quirky minimalist appeal of the standard version, but gets a healthy dose of understated swag: a premium leather band, finished with a Heineken green lining and green stitching, plus a red Heineken star at the 12:00 - which ties perfectly into the tacit Soviet aesthetic that Tsovet channels. Sure, there's branding involved, but it's all kept well in line by a matte black finish. Like any good seeder project, these watches are going to a select group - in this case, 100 individuals singled out by Heineken as opinion setters. Check out the gallery of this solid creative project after the jump.