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Apple iPhone 4S Unlocked Version (GSM) | Available Now

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Good news for people who want the iPhone 4S but not the two-year contract: Apple is now officially selling the unlocked version of the phone here in the U.S. This means you can use the iPhone 4S without having to pay for the usual two-year carrier contract. All you have to do is insert a micro-SIM card, available from any local GSM carrier, which means travelers can use their phone internationally. One caveat: the unlocked phone won't work with CDMA-based carriers, which means Verizon and Sprint are a no go. Additionally, no contract means you pay the full non-subsidized price. The 16GB iPhone 4S is $649, the 32GB version is $749 and the 64GB device will set you back $849. You can buy the phone in either black or white directly from Apple, with a delivery wait time estimated at one to two weeks.