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Nike SB: The SB Chronicles, Vol. 1 | Trailer

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Bringing the release of The SB Chronicles: Volume 1 a step closer, SB has just released the official trailer for the video. Last week we got an initial taste of the movie-making talent on hand with the release of the teaser video, and now, with the official trailer, we get a taste of the actual skating. There aren't any start to finish hammers in the teaser, but it does look like we can expect a high-caliber performance from the SB squad. Anytime a big-budget company like SB puts out a skate flick, expectations are high. And from the looks of things, most won't be disappointed. The scenery is great - both travel and skatespots, and there is a solid mix of skating - Chet Childress slaying pools, Stefan Janoski and Wieger Van Wageningen on technical duty, and Youness Amrani with a back lip on a down-flat kink to start things off - people are rightfully excited. Check out the trailer to see why, see a few still shots after the click, and stay tuned for the full movie on December 3rd.