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Breaking News: NBA Season Unlikely Now With Players' Union Disbanded

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Faced with no remediation in sight, Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher, executives of National Basketball Players Association, the labor union of NBA players, announced the union's disbandment moments ago in New York City. The development came as union officials, players, and their representatives met for a 4-hour strategy session this morning. At the heart of the matter was persistent impasse between the players and NBA team owners' demands on the latest contract negotiation. Just before the weekend, NBA team owners along with NBA Commissioner David Stern warned about further negotiations, that the players should agree on the final contract proposals. Simply could not accept the contract terms, the N.B.P.A. decided to dissolve the union instead. By doing so, the players are now free to file lawsuit against the NBA as a challenge to the current lockout's legality under antitrust law. Thus, making an already contemptuous situation even more so.

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