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VICE: All The Wrong Places - Dekotora Trucks | Video

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On any given trip on the highway from Narita International Airport to Tokyo, you will likely see pimped-out, chromed-up trucks on the road. Known as Dekotora, short for "Decorated Trucks", these gaudy, glitzy moving platforms of art are in many ways a precursor to the Pimp My Ride phenomenon seen recently. Aside from a conspicuous appearance in Ridley Scott's 1989 movie, Black Rain, not much has been known about these real-life knight riders "till now. Thanks to host Elliott Bambrough and his trusty co-pilot Maggie Stoody, we get an in-depth look at a Japanese sub-culture on the premiere episode of All The Wrong Places, a new segment about travel by VICE. See a side of Japan which even the majority of Tokyonites have not seen before. Also catch the debut of the first ever Dekotora MINI Coupe, taking the definition of "suped up" to a whole nother level...