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Google Music

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Google is finally unveiling its Google Music service which should be great news for Android users. It is said that 23 independent music labels, including EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal, will be offering music to fill up a catalogue of 13 million songs. What is more, the Apple iTunes contender will be offering its services to Google+ social networks as well. To kick off the program, Google Music will be debuting the latest studio album from Busta Rhymes, as well as The Rolling Stones and Coldplay who will be adding their never before seen live performances to the online store.

Furthermore there is the additional Artist Hub, which allows unsigned artists to create their own page at $25 fee, enabling them to market their own music at price set by themselves. In turn Google will take 30% of each sale from the musicians in the Artist Hub. Currently this store is only offered to US customers and there are no talks on whether this service will be offered to countries outside of US.