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Nigel Sylvester 1987 by Casio G-Shock

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Nigel Sylvester is clearly one of the most interesting people riding BMX these days; while he isn't necessarily posting top X-Games scores - in fact, he rarely competes at all. But far from letting the sport pass him by, Sylvester is doing some of the most creative and impressive riding anywhere - all by focussing on a style-centric riding ethic, inspired more by skateboarding than by filling a trophy rack. This focus on smooth, creative riding, using a decidedly urban terrain park, has put Sylvester in a spot few other BMX pros enjoy: marquis level G-Shock and Nike 6.0 support, a series of Gatorade All Day videos, a bespoke NSW Destroyer jacket, and a social profile that sees him rubbing shoulders with Pharell at various functions. And to bring the focus firmly back around to what exactly Sylvester is - an athlete/artist, who rides as a statement - Casio G-Shock has just created a highly stylized, retro-influence riding video. There aren't any double tailwhips or inverted tricks - and there are several scenes that show no riding whatsoever. But the video does succeed in encapsulating the expression, the feeling, and the style that makes Nigel's riding what it is. This video shows why we are talking, reading about, and watching Sylvester - even those of us who have no interest in competitive BMX; this is pure style. Check out the exclusive link - and a few shots of the artistic expression - after the jump.

Nigel Sylvester 1987 by Casio G-Shock - 1