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Volkswagen eT! - Electric Delivery Van

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Don't get too excited -- the Volkswagen eT! delivery van isn't intended for extraterrestrial use, as we had first hoped. Volkswagen partnered with the German Post Office (Deutsche Post AG) and the University of Art at Braunschweig to create future transport solutions. The result of the think tank's efforts is the Volkswagen eT!, featuring zero-emission driving, in addition to Atari 2600-inspired driving: the electrically powered vehicle can be operated using a joystick on the passenger side, possibly to ward off stray asteroids or space invaders. Its most impressive feature is the ability to operate semi-autonomously, meaning the van can follow the postal worker from house to house, or even return to the delivery person after it's been parked. On top of the advanced technology and excitingly punctuated name, the eT! was designed, according to Volkswagen Group Research Director Jurgen Leohold, as "a very emotionally appealing commercial vehicle." To that, we say mission accomplished. Click through for more looks. via: Autoblog